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Reservation & Cancellation

  • Booking requests will be accepted on all 7 days of a week from 9 AM to 6 PM.
  • Booking will be done depending upon availability of rooms.
  • Booking Request for Conference, Seminars, Workshops, STC, and Fest etc. can be done at least 6 months in advance with prior approval of the competent authority.
  • Approval for course , conference, workshop etc from Dean CEP (if required) shall be submitted to guest house at least 15 days before the commencement of the event, failing which the booking shall be treated as cancelled.
  • Guest House bills for Conference, Seminars, Workshops, STC, and Fest etc need to be settled within 3 months from the completion of the event.
  • Billing for TGH and VGH will be done on 24 hrs basis (with a grace period of max 1 Hour). For SLGH the normal check in will be 12:00 Noon and Check out will be 10 AM.
  • Official bookings will be entertained on first come first serve basis.
  • Banquet Hall/ Meeting Room/ Heritage Building can be booked only for Official Purposes with prior approval of competant authority / Prof. - in - Charge, Guest Houses.
  • Request for waiving of charges is NOT admissible.
  • Priority will be given to Guest covered under Cat-A and Cat-B.
  • Any personal bookings cannot be done more 7 Days in advance for Salt Lake Guest House and 15 Days in advance for NTGH/TGH/VGH (Except Kolkata SLGH).
  • All Students’ bookings should have counter signature of Head / Warden / Assistant Warden / Dean.
  • Non official bookings should not be for more than 3 days which can be extended upto 6 days depending upon availability on the last day of booking with approval of PIC (Guest Houses). For any number of days exceeding 6 days approval of the competant authority will be sought. Exceptions will be permitted only if recommended with valid reasons.
  • For non official bookings, maximum number of rooms cannot exceed 20 Nos. including NGH and VGH for a single applicant depending upon availability and with approval of Prof. - in - Charge ,Guest House.
  • Any booking request for a continuous period of a month or more than a month (Official or Unofficial) need to be approved by the competent authority or should be supported by necessary approval / documents.
  • All booking request from other educational institutes or government organizations shall be approved by the competent authority or Prof. – in – Charge, Guest House.
  • All booking request from Alumnus of this institute for themselves or their family should be routed through Alumni Office.
  • The management of the Guest House may at its discretion can cancel any unofficial booking or may offer any alternate available accommodation(if any) due to any Institute requirement with approval of Prof. – in – Charge, Guest House with a written intimation to the applicant.
  • In case of non resident Research Scholars intending to stay for research work, a maximum of 7 days of accommodation will be allowed in the Guest House.
  • Booking request from Govt. Offices/ Local Administration need Billing details and mode of payment and the bills need to be settled within 15 days from the receipt of the bills.
  • No visitors are allowed to the guest rooms without informing the reception.
  • Guest House do not have provision of providing extra beds in the rooms.
  • Any damage or loss to the room amenities / equipments / linen etc by the occupants will be charged to the guest under Cat C/D and to the Host under Cat A/B


1. For all group bookings for course, conference, workshops, seminars etc. a written confirmation should be send by the host to the Guest House about the exact number of rooms required, list of participants and the invitees. This confirmation should reach the Guest House office 5 days before the commencement of the event failing which the said booking will be treated as cancelled.

2. Cancellation for all confirmed individual booking for NGH / VGH shall be done 24 hours before excluding the date of arrival in writing ( email) , failing which 20% of room rent for the room booked will be charged to the applicant under Category C/D.

3. For Kolkata Guest House( SLGH) Cancellation for all confirmed booking shall be done 24 hours before excluding the date of arrival in writing ( email) , failing which 20% of room rent for the room booked will be charged to the applicant under Category B/C/D.

Categories of Guest
Category Eligibility Authority Payment Mode
Cat ‘A’ Statutory Committee (BOG, B&W, Finance).
External Examiners.
All IIT Directors.
All Former Directors.
Candidates for Faculty Position.
Campus Placement.
Guest invited by the institute for academic / administrative work etc.
Director / Dy.Director/ Registrar/Deans/ HODs/ Chairman’s / Prof – In - Charge Institute
Cat ‘B’ Guest visiting institute in connection with Scheme/ Project/ Consultancy/ Short Term Course/ Seminars/ Workshop/ Conference etc. Dean SRIC / Dean CE/PI of Projects/ Coordinator By SRIC through project/ CEP/Respective coordinator
Cat ‘C’ Parents of Students.

Family/Relatives of Employee / Ex Employee.

Alumni of IIT Kharagpur.

Guest from other academic institute ( IITs/NITs/CFTIs/Universities/Institutes).
Warden of Hall / HOD / Faculty of Concerned Depertment
Self with copy of ID Card / Pension Card attached with Application Form

Dean (AA-IR)

Registrar / Prof – in Charge , Guest Houses
if not the person making the booking need to settle the bill.
Cat ‘D’ Guest not covered under above categories Registrar / Prof – in Charge, Guest Houses By individual before checking out, if not the person making the booking need to settle the bill.

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